Software and Services for Home Health, Hospice and Healthcare Facilities

HealthWare Midsize Agency Solutions

As a midsize agency you may still be facing many of the issues of a small business but are also troubled with those seen in the enterprise level agencies. You likely have good management but if you are not utilizing the proper technology, you are not getting the efficiency you need to run a smooth operation. If you have not deployed a point of care system yet, you most certainly are employing more staff than you need and probably have so many spreadsheets that you forget what you have named them all. Or you may be one on the many who has switched software as many times as you have management. Are you ready to finally end the madness?


Since 1986, HealthWare has been developing solutions specifically for the home care industry. We do not offer hospital or ambulatory software, but we do write industry standard HL7 interfaces to them. Every application we develop is designed to meet the exact needs of home health, hospice, personal care, and private duty agencies.  We offer every solution you can think of, from the standard intake, scheduling, billing and reporting to cutting edge intelligence for automated QA, Workflow, auditing, and 100% paper free Point of Care.


HealthWare is also a Microsoft Partner, so we can go above and beyond simply providing you with an agency management software solution. We can provide you with business solutions to keep up with changing technology trends. If you have your own IT staff who would rather manage your database and servers, we can provide expert level support for hardware and software, or we can be your IT staff. Do you want to just host your agency management software, or do you want everything, including your desktop hosted in the cloud? Whatever you need, Healthware is your One Solution with Endless Possibilities.

Learn About Our Applications

Referral Management & Intake

One point of data entry with seamless integration with scheduling and other HealthWare applications and modules.

Virtual Chart - Electronic Medical Record

Complete patient chart, including documentation from every discipline, scanned documents, faxes, photographs and more.

InTouch - Point of Care

Complete clinical program with patient charts, scheduling, documentation and reporting. No Internet connection required.

CareLink Clinical Documentation

Advanced clinical information management tool for thorough and complete clinical documentation, including OASIS and 485.

CareLink Care Planning

Care plans generated from templates are fully customizable for the patient’s specific needs, even at the point of care.

Clinical Assistant

Real time QA tool checks answers within and between assessments, then offers information, warnings, and errors.

Resource Center

Store and access training and educational material, using video or document training in the Back office and at the point of care.


Automates workflow of the bereavement tracking process for all communication which can be made agency specific.


Bill any type of service including PPS, Hospice per-diem, fee for service, invoices, statements, room and board and more.

Accounts Receivable

Analyze income, aging, and direct costs by region, MSA, branch, department, program, service, provider, payer and more.

Electronic Remittance

Quickly import payments and adjustments, with several automatic distribution methods, to the patients’ accounts.

Billing Service

Service includes posting charges, claims processing, posting payments, invoice/statement processing, closing and reporting.

OnTrak - Scheduling & Activity Manager

Schedule all types of activities including visits, training and more while driving clinical, billing and payroll processes.

CallTrak - Telephony

Listen to the patient’s care plan, document care provided, travel made, time in, time out and more.

RightTrak - Workflow Audit

Automated auditing uses rules to trigger workflow action through notifications by text messages, emails, TeamWork and more.

TeamWork - Collaboration Tool

Internal collaboration tool for back office and point of care allows users to communicate using secure messaging.

Digital & Electronic Signatures

Allows clinicians, physicians and patients to sign documentation using tablet inking capabilities or digital certificates.

Physicians Portal

Using a secure, web based portal, the physician can login to view the patient’s chart and sign orders digitally.

Employee Portal

Web based application allows employees to access their schedule, request activities, and complete electronic time sheets.

Personnel Management

Simplifies tracking certifications and licensing, skills and disciplines, and other employee related information.

TimeTrak - Time & Attendance

Accurately capture, manage, and track employee hours without the need to re-enter the same data twice.


Rules Engine allows you to configure payroll processing and pay codes to your company policies regarding compensation.

Financial Reporting

Financial pivot reports provide all your financial reporting and account needs for end of month closing and balancing processes.

General Ledger

Easily create journal entries based on transactions that are occurring in the Accounts Receivable and Billing applications.