Software and Services for Home Health, Hospice and Healthcare Facilities

Executive Summary

A Glance at Increased Efficiency

Clinical & Compliance
Referral Management and Intake
  • Manage referrals for multiple branches and multiple lines of service.
  • Take referrals in the back office or in the field.
  • One point of data entry with seamless integration with scheduling and other HealthWare applications and modules.
  • Extensive referral reporting and analysis.
  • Interface to other systems to push or pull referral information.
Virtual Chart – an Electronic Medical Record
  • Complete patient chart, including documentation from every discipline.
  • Viewable side by side with other documents for easy audit and review.
  • Clinical data such as assessments and notes.
  • Scanned documents, faxes, photographs and more.
  • Import documents you already have available in electronic format.
  • Integrates with TeamWork to include tasks, notes, conversations and virtual meetings as a part of the patient chart.
  • Integrates with InTouch to make the full patient chart available at the point of care, no Internet connection required.
InTouch - Point of Care Clinical System
  • Works fully disconnected, no Internet connection required with patient charts available.
  • Graphs to visualize trends and more to see how the patient is progressing over time.
  • View previous documentation side-by-side with current document to reduce time and increase quality of documentation.
  • Documentation, care plans, digital signatures, take referrals, physician orders processing,
  • TeamWork integration allows you to collaborate on patient care, have virtual meetings such as IDT, track tasks and more.
  • Information automatically feeds into the clinical, billing, scheduling and payroll systems.
  • Integrates with Clinical Assistant for automated quality assurance at the point of care.
InTouch Lite - Point of Care for non-Skilled
  • Can work fully disconnected, no Internet connection required with patient charts available.
  • Can use Hybrid Data which can take advantage of a data plan using minimal data allowing you to monitor check-in and checkout information in real-time.
  • Integrates with RightTrak to keep you notified of discrepancies in visit information.
  • Time card data including mileage.
  • Digital signature capture for patient and employee.
  • Information automatically feeds into the clinical, billing, scheduling and payroll systems.
  • Advanced clinical information management tool for thorough and complete clinical documentation.
  • Comprehensive documents/forms.
  • Easy-to-use forms are comprehensive and detailed.
  • Easy to read with per user customizable text size and other viewing options.
  • Full reporting and transmitting capabilities for OASIS and CAHPS.
  • Built in prompts and validation promotes excellent quality in clinical documentation.
  • Integrates with Clinical Assistant for automated quality assurance.
  • Integrates with OASIS Analysis Reporting for additional insight.
  • PPS Analysis can help you determine how the data affects your reimbursement.
  • Integrate your own forms into the data collection process for complete documentation and patient chart.
  • View charts to graphically review a patient's progress from each evaluation to the next, including ADLs, weight, pain and wounds, to quickly pin point any declines in patient outcomes.
CareLink – Plan of Treatment
  • Clinical data automatically transfers the plan of treatment without the need to re-enter the information again.
  • Documentation, including assessment data, medications, orders, precautions, goals, and other information are supplied directly to the Plan of Treatment form (HCFA 485 for Home Health).
  • Generate plan of treatment from clinical form documentation and/or plan of treatment templates.
  • Plan of treatment templates can also be expanded into a care plan when care planning is desired.
CareLink – Care Planning
  • Designed to help you handle the challenges of an interdisciplinary treatment approach by allowing the creation of a cohesive care plan that works toward a unified goal.
  • Create care plans from plan of treatment templates, expanding with care plan items and their frequencies.
  • Create intelligent frequencies that can be based on date, occurrences per week/day and duration.
  • Use one of our existing templates or build your own.
  • Care plans generated from templates are fully customizable for the patient’s specific needs, even at the point of care.
  • Integrates with CallTrak.
Clinical Assistant – Real-time QA
  • Built for nurses by nurses, including ongoing input using the built-in feedback feature.
  • Real time QA tool checks answers for MO questions, plant of treatment questions, and general clinical information, within and between assessments, then offers information, warnings, and error.
  • User friendly, color coded listing with click to correct allows you to quickly move to the related questions/data for review.
  • Reduces time spent on QA to speed up the billing process and allow for the greatest amount of reimbursement.
  • Integrates with InTouch to help improve documentation quality and clinician education and further reduces time spent on QA.
Digital Quality Assurance
  • Makes it easier to collaborate as documents go through the QA process.
  • Notification for quality assurance users that there are documents to review.
  • Notification for point of care users that there are documents to review.
  • Use digital highlighters and post it notes to communicate.
  • Works with mouse and keyboard or a pen/stylus.
  • Send digital documents with their annotations back and forth between QA and the clinician with the push of a button.
Resource Center – Digital Library
  • Store and access policies, procedures, and agency care protocol.
  • Store and access training and educational material, using video or document training.
  • All items are available in the Back office and at the point of care to make these items easily accessible by your staff.
Change Orders
  • Fully automated
  • Generate from clinical documents and care plans.
  • Combines the changes into the least number of documents possible.
  • Integrates with Physician Portal and Electronic Signatures.
Electronic Patient and Representative Notifications
  • A totally automated and electronic way to comply with the 2018 COP requirement to keep patients and representatives notified of changes in a patient's plan of care.
  • Utilizes digitized voice or Text/SMS messages.
  • Determine who gets notified and how.
  • Integrates with Clinical Documentation and Change Orders.
  • Automates the work flow of the bereavement tracking process including phone calls, personal visits, personal letters, newsletters or other forms of communication, all of which can be made agency specific.
  • Set the level of contact needed for each of the bereaved to be specified with the appropriate bereavement steps assigned to each level. Levels of bereavement are customizable and can be defined per your bereavement policy.
  • Ability to create your custom mail merge templates for bereavement letters. Activities are documented automatically as completed when mail merge process are performed.
  • Additional activities can be added manually and documented, such as phone calls, outside of the automated level activities.
OnTrak - Scheduling and Activity Manager
  • Schedule all types of activities including visits, training and more.
  • Drag and drop scheduling with frequencies including easy replication.
  • Drive clinical, billing and payroll processes, activities become charges and pay with a simple change in activity status.
  • Integrates with Mileage Trak our mileage validation or entry that calculates distances based on automatically calculated driving route.
  • Real-time checks and notifications for conflicting activities, expired employee certifications/licensing and more.
  • Assign employees to patients based on case load, special needs and geographic information.
  • Dynamic Reporting
MileageTrak - Automated Routing and Mileage Tracking
  • Use it to validate mileage. Our analysis indicates that agencies pay approximately 16% more than they would with Mileage Trak!
  • Use it to calculate the mileage for you. HealthWare can calculate the driving route and determine the mileage and enter it for you. This saves your employees time having to keep track of their odometer and entering the data themselves.
  • Show Route feature can let you review the route Mileage Trak selected.
Texting Everywhere - Context Sensitive Texting
  • Integrates texting into your workflow, you no longer need to go find a phone and switch devices just to send a text.
  • Enables you to send texts to employees from HealthWare in a context sensitive way.
  • If a form or report you are using has employee information, it will automatically fill in their information then just type your message and hit send.
  • Use this feature to send a message to a single employee, a group of employees or every single employee all at once.
  • You can also easily select to send the text message to the employee’s supervisor.
CallTrak – Telephony
  • Allows field staff to use a phone to enter visit information using touch-tones or voice.
  • Intelligent care plan frequencies present only appropriate tasks to caller based on date, occurrences per week/day and duration.
  • Listen to the patient’s care plan, document care provided, travel made, time in, time out and more.
  • Information feeds into the clinical, billing, scheduling and payroll with no manual intervention.
  • Integrates with RightTrak to manage visit arrival and departures.
RightTrak - Automated Workflow, Auditing and Notification
  • Automated auditing that uses rules to trigger workflow actions.
  • Actions can include notifications as well as queuing up for later review.
  • Notifications can include text messages, emails, TeamWork or voice phone calls.
  • Automatic escalation to keep you properly informed based on the urgency.
  • Ability to set different notifications based on the urgency of the response needed.
  • Notifications can be sent to different recipients including employee, supervisor or specific person(s).
  • If immediate notification is not required, queue up items for later review and approval/rejection.
  • Keeps historical records of all audit events and actions to be used for reporting and analysis, such as employee productivity, patient satisfaction inquiries, etc.
TeamWork - Collaboration Tool
  • Internal collaboration tool for back office and point of care to allow users to communicate using secure messaging. No more PHI in e-mail, post it notes, or phone calls!
  • View messages by conversation or thread (includes all topics, replies and forwards) that can include multiple participants. Allowing for Virtual meetings on any topic.
  • Conversations or tasks can become part of the patients EMR.
  • TeamWork can automatically create links in the messages to HealthWare forms and reports, so the message recipient can instantly jump to the specific information being referenced.
  • Includes tools to track tasks and set reminders on any conversation.
Digital & Electronic Signatures
  • Two options are available, use one or both.
    • Allows clinicians and patients to sign clinical documentation on tablet PCs using tablet inking capabilities. Signatures appear on the document when printed.
    • Use industry standard digital certificates providing agencies with end-to-end document integrity, as well as authentication information about the signer of a digital document.
  • Digital documents can be delivered to the physician(s) using Physician Portal and to the clinician through InTouch point of care, giving your organization the ability to be paperless.
  • Any changes to a certificate signed document will invalidated the signature, eliminating concerns with document tampering. Automated voiding and recreation of the original document when documents are corrected to facilitate tracking workflow.
Physician’s Portal
  • When documents are ready for signature, HealthWare will notify the physician via a summary email indicating the type and number of documents to be signed.
  • Using a secure, web based portal, the physician can login to view the patient’s chart and sign orders digitally.
  • Use of the Physician’s portal improves the efficiency of your document processing processes in many ways, listed below are just a few examples.
    • Paperless process, lowers costs for paper handling, paper and toner.
    • Lowers turnaround times for reimbursement.
    • Provides Instant Patient information to physician for higher quality of the document review process.
  • Physicians can track and report from the portal their oversight time for their own billing purposes.
Billing & Collections
  • Virtually any type of service can be billed using this system, including prospective pay (PPS), Hospice per-diem, fee for service, invoices, statements, room and board and continuous care.
  • Full Contract Management functionality including the ability to define multiple billing rates based on individual or groups of payers, and lines of business. Set Auto adjustments and Assign costs, expected amounts, CPT/HCPCS/revenue codes. Also includes utilities to update rates easily.
  • Built in wage index calculator will generate the reimbursement expected based on your individual CBSA and patient’s counties, at the claim level, thus allowing you to run a true and accurate A/R with each billing cycle.
  • Use calculation–based rates further reducing the number of billing codes you have to track in order to accommodate a variety of rates for the same service.
  • Scheduling becomes the charge and as you post billable services, the system compiles the patient’s claim with superior validation throughout the process. Supports both electronic and paper. Never enter information more than once.
  • Detailed Bill Tracking with the ability to track non-billable services provided and costs.
  • Full Authorization Tacking and Notification system included.
  • Financial Pivot reports for end of month processes, all billing analysis with special consideration for PPS Financial analysis including deferred revenue, with General Ledger Integration.
  • Built in or stand-alone Claims Response Analyzer.
  • OASIS Submission and Acceptance Validation makes sure that your OASIS is submitted and accepted prior to your claim submission to help you comply with R3629CP.
  • Approved for use with multi-payer access providers such as Availity and Intermediary Optimum (Ingenix).
Billing Service
  • Let HealthWare become your billing service and save on staffing.
  • Service includes posting charges submitted to AR, claims processing of charges, per diem charge generation and posting, reoccurring billing charge generation and posting, posting payments to AR, invoice and statement processing, collections processing of claims, and end of month closing and reporting.
Accounts Receivable
  • Handles all lines of business including Medicare PPS, Hospice, Private Duty, DME and more.
  • View patient’s account balances and details for previous admissions and/or multiple lines of service, in a single view or separately.
  • Includes built in pivot reports for more dynamic and in-depth analysis.
  • Analyze income, aging, and direct costs by region, MSA, branch, department, program, service, provider, payer and more.
  • Multiple payers can be assigned to each patient and the system will pass responsibility to the next payer.
  • Easily enter payments or import ERA’s and enter adjustments, including writing off unpaid balances and contractual allowances.
  • When not using Scheduling charges, payments and adjustments can be entered with minimal keystrokes and your data can easily be checked for accuracy before posting.
  • Integrates with General Ledger and Bill Tracking.
Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Allows the quick import of payments and adjustments with several automatic distribution methods to the patients’ accounts in Accounts Receivable. Fully automated PPS processing of Medicare automatic adjustments.
Financial Reporting
  • Financial pivot reports provide all of your account needs for end of month closing and balancing processes.
  • Reports provide a detailed analysis that includes but is not limited to charges, payments, adjustments, aging, reversals, Level of care Days, Census and PPS Episodes details.
General Ledger Journal
  • Easily create journal entries based on transactions that are occurring in the Accounts Receivable and Billing applications.
  • Create G/L accounts for Accounts Receivable, Cash Accounts, Contra Income (Adj), Deferred Revenue, Income, and Unearned Income, including adjustment mapping with cross reference methods allowing simple integration with any third part accounting software.
  • Flexible account setup allows you to handle a wide variety of account/sub-account combinations.
Human Resources
Personnel Management
  • Simplifies tracking certifications and licensing, skills and disciplines, and other employee related information.
  • Eliminate paper storage by importing digital documents into the personnel record.
  • Track employee vaccinations.
  • Integrates with scheduling and employee portal.
  • Customizable tracking such as annual reviews, in-services completed, certifications, licenses.
  • Assign special skills and capabilities for use in matching to patient needs.
  • Assess employee performance such as late arrivals when used with RightTrak.
TimeTrak - Time and Attendance
  • Accurately capture, manage, and track employee hours without the need to re-enter the same data twice.
  • Create rules to calculate pay based on a variety of criteria, inputs and using your existing pay codes.
  • Use productivity reports to allocate resources and spot inefficiencies to help reduce costs.
  • Improve quality of payroll data by automatically identifying data errors when used with RightTrak.
  • Rules Engine allows you to configure payroll processing and your agencies’ pay codes to your company policies regarding the way an employee is compensated.
  • Using scheduled and completed activities which become your payroll and billing will significantly reduce the time spent on payroll processing and increase quality.
  • Integrate with your existing payroll service provider or generate an export data file that can be used to manually import entries into other payroll packages.
  • Using scheduling and RightTrak quality is increased by validation of data.
All Roles
  • Training is provided in either Onsite or Remote formats.
  • Training can be customized to fit your agency's needs and level, and can be purchased at any time for ongoing needs.
  • Additional training is delivered with major updates that include webcasts, redistributable PowerPoints, Process Maps, and Videos. Including the updates to HealthWare Help.
Manage Point – Business Intelligence
  • Graphical Dashboard Reporting with per user customization of content and layout.
  • Quickly grasp both snapshot and trend data.
  • Business analysis services are available to review your current processes and provide detailed results with measurable outcomes and recommendations on how to achieve them.
  • We can analyze the big picture to include the entire process including both manual and automated application processes.
  • Business analysis services focuses on:
    • First, areas where you can better use features in HealthWare.
    • Areas where HealthWare may have a feature or product you do not utilize that can address your needs.
    • Identify areas where customized targeted training may improve efficiency.
    • Areas where customization may improve a process.
  • Below is an example of how we can reduce resource costs for you (This is just an example to illustrate the benefits of automation, individual results will vary):
    • You have the need for a custom report or data elements added to a pivot report to track a new data element you would like to report on. HealthWare completes an analysis and concludes that we can add two fields to the database and add three fields to a pivot report to meet your needs.
  • Let’s say this evaluates to 3 hours of custom programming which equates to $900.
  • You are paying an FTE $15 per hour for 32 hours per month to collect and aggregate this data. This equates to $480 per month and $5,760 annually.
  • Once the custom development is complete, the time to collect and aggregate is reduced to 3 hours per month. This equates to $45.00 per month and $540.00 annually.
  • Let’s do the math:
  • $5,760 Current cost per year to collect and process the data.
  • $900 Custom programming services.
  • $540 New cost per month to process.
  • $4,320 Dollars saved from automation in the first year.
Information Technology
  • Utilizes current leading-edge Microsoft technology.
  • Is available on your own servers or we can host your HealthWare system.
  • Provides full IT consulting for all tiers of the application.
  • The HealthWare Control Center facilitates In-House clients on their own servers to easily apply updates and with validation of updates.
  • The HealthWare Control Center also provides many Utilities to assist with standard recovery or maintenance processes such as publishing reports or migrating to new servers.
  • The InTouch point of Care application is self-updating and does not require IT intervention.
  • Utilize Report Builder to build your Custom Reports.
Outstanding Features of HealthWare
  • The development of applications is focused on the flow of information throughout our system, entering data once and only once and using it wherever needed.
  • Data is validated not just at entry but is also revalidated throughout all the processes.
  • HealthWare's “InTouch” POC application forms match the back office information gathering process with Point of Care origination.
  • Each user can customize his/her own forms. Lookups are customizable by task.
  • Forms can be printed and/or exported as dynamic reports with filtering and summary options. The data is available in the format needed.
  • Easy navigation tools allow quick access to data.
  • State of the art reporting capabilities and integration with Microsoft Office provides our customers with a most powerful set of tools available for viewing and analyzing data.
  • Store data selection criteria for future use.
  • Multiple report output formats are available: Web/HTML, Web Archive, PDF, TIFF, Excel, XML, CSV and Word.
  • Being a Microsoft Partner enables HealthWare to provide state-of-the-art applications for Home Health Care, Hospice, Private Duty, and Personal Care.