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Value Based Purchasing


Home Health Value Based Purchasing

In the 2016 final rule, CMS provides a detailed explanation of the HH-VBP pilot program that begins January 1, 2016 with mandatory participation from all Medicare-certified HHAs in nine selected states – Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Washington, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska and Tennessee. The rest of the country will experience VBP in January 2018.

Providers in these states should contact CMS ( for instructions on how to set up the agency contact person and obtain real-time information regarding the implementation of the model.

HHAs in these states were recently invited to participate in the first of several CMS webinars designed to provide instructions and guidance on the HH-VBP model as the processes are implemented.

Who will end up on top?

The agency that knows where they stand and how to evaluate the competition and make the changes necessary to be a competitor.

The answers you will need to know….

  • Where do you rank now?
  • When first quarter results come in, have other agencies raised the bar?
  • How am I measured?
  • How can I effect the outcomes of these measurements?
  • Am I ready to make the changes needed to be a winning competitor?

The Good News!!!!

HealthWare already has the services in place to help!


  • Our commitment to you, as it always has been, is to be on top of the current technology and utilize it to leverage efficiency.
  • We get it! We have done our homework on this one and we can help.
  • We have a track record for moving forward with change.
  • We have powerful tools available and we extend our hand in analysis and support to help you succeed through this challenge.
  • We have the CMS Published data for comparison.
  • We have your data if you use HealthWare software to run your agency or we can import it using the OASIS files you send to CMS.
  • We have the delivery mechanism to let you slice and dice it and analyze it any way you want.

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