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HIPAA Compliant Transactions

HealthWare generates version 5010 of the ASC X12 HIPPA claims and processes version 5010 of the ASC X12 HIPAA remittance advices.

Secure Communications

Our applications have been architected to use encrypted https connections between the point of care and your data center or ours using agency owned devices or employee owned devices. Using industry standard TLS protocol and X.509 certificates our data is kept away from prying eyes without the need to resort to VPNs or other cumbersome solutions. If your users can reach the Internet with their device, you can communicate securely between the device and the data center with no inconvenience to the user.

Online Operations and Data Center Compliance

HealthWare runs its online operations using one of the only major data center companies to be fully HIPAA compliant, Microsoft Azure.
Click here for more information on Microsoft Azure compliance

Microsoft Office 365

Want to bring your office into the cloud and give you and your employees the ultimate flexibility then look no further than Microsoft Office 365 for a HIPAA compliant solution. Best of all, it provides you even greater value when paired with HealthWare's software and services.

Mobile Device Management

With the increasing number and diversity of both ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and agency-owned devices being used today you need solutions to keep them secure. HealthWare offers several options to help minimize the complexities of managing your mobile devices.

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