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OnTrak - Scheduling and Activity Manager

HealthWare‘s OnTrak is an all-in-one coordinating tool, which simplifies the tasks associated with scheduling patient, employee, and vendor activities. You can schedule virtually any type of activity - visits, equipment deliveries, office meetings, staff relief and more. Tightly integrated with InTouch, CallTrak and ScanTrak, HealthWare’s OnTrak can drive clinical and billing processes through scheduled activities, greatly increasing your organizations productivity and efficiency.

Graphical calendars can be viewed in a variety of month, week and day views to assist in the scheduling process, as well as color coding for visit types and available time slots in employees schedules. HealthWare’s OnTrak was built to handle changes rapidly and efficiently. Quickly assign another employee to make a visit, drag and drop a scheduled activity from one day to the next, and duplicate schedules visually using copy and paste features. If you are familiar with Outlook you will be right at home with OnTrak.

OnTrak works with your scheduler to make sure nothing is missed. If an employee’s driver’s license, professional license, CPR certification or any other required information is missing or expired, OnTrak will provide a warning. The same applies to scheduling conflicts, required authorizations, and visit frequencies. By using frequency scheduling, HealthWare will help you quickly determine if your visits are following orders.

CallTrak – Telephony

HealthWare’s CallTrak Telephony application lets field staff dial a toll-free number to enter visit information using touch-tones or voice to interact with the system. By calling in when they arrive and depart from the patient’s home caregivers can listen to the patient’s care plan, provide visit notes of the care provided, travel made, and accurate time and attendance information. Once the caregiver calls in the visit as complete, OnTrak is updated and the visit automatically feeds into the billing system.


Additionally, use the information to compare scheduled visit times to actual times, review productivity information, verify that activities have not been missed, and much more. If a visit is missed or the assigned employee is late, you can broadcast the visit to other employees for coverage. CallTrak is an ideal companion to our point of care clinical system, InTouch. Together they provide you with a comprehensive set of choices for time and attendance, billing, and advanced clinical documentation and care planning to meet all patient and agency needs.

RightTrak - Automated Workflow, Auditing and Notification

RightTrak allows agencies to create automated auditing that uses rules to trigger workflow actions through notifications or ques for later review. Notifications can include text messages, emails, TeamWork notifications or voice phone calls. Automatic escalation keeps you properly informed based on the urgency of the matter. Set different notification types based on the urgency of the response needed and different recipients including employee, supervisor or specific person. If immediate notification is not required, queue up items for later review and approval/rejection.  All historical records of audit events and actions can be used for reporting and analysis, such as employee productivity and patient satisfaction inquiries.

TeamWork - Collaboration Tool

HealthWare’s TeamWork is a collaboration tool that allows clinical teams work together in ways never possible, allowing them to provide improved patient care.  TeamWork centralizes communications and replaces using multiple separate methods such as email, word processing and white boards to communicate between clinicians, medical directors and others. Not only is communication unified but all of the information can be captured directly into the patient's chart. This makes the information available to all interested parties immediately.


TeamWork’s messaging provides for a highly collaborative environment where every member of a care team can participate.  Everyone can see the messages in a shared fashion and can contribute to the conversation. This information is available in very near real time allowing important information to be communicated almost instantly when connected to the internet, but also allows you to have meetings “offline” providing more flexibility.


One of TeamWork’s most unique features is the fact that it is context aware. As you create messages from most any form within the application simply select a record and send a message. It will automatically reference that information and create a link to it as a part of the message. When the receiving user opens the message, they can click on the included link and be taken directly to the referenced information. Because the referenced information is “live” and not just a copy of static text in the message the user will also see any changes that have occurred since the message was sent allowing for better, more accurate use of the information.

Digital & Electronic Signatures

HealthWare offers two ways to sign document, Electronically or Digitally. Electronic signatures allow clinicians and patients to sign clinical documentation on tablet PCs just like you do at most stores when purchasing with a card. On the bottom of each form there is a signature box for both the clinician and the patient. These signatures appear on the document when printed. Digital Signatures give your organization the ability to be virtually paperless and provide users with end-to-end document integrity, as well as authentication information about the signer of a digital document. Sign clinical documents easily and apply multiple signatures to a single document. Unlike HealthWare’s Electronic Signature which is just a written signature, the Digital Signature uses industry standard X.509 digital certificates which offers the widest possible acceptance and an encrypted, secure way to handle your document signature needs. Any changes to a signed document will invalidated the signature, eliminating concerns with document tampering.

Physician’s Portal

Want to improve your cash flow immediately? The Physician’s Portal can do just that. When an order is created, your agency will notify the physician via an automated email. Using a secure, web based portal, the physician can login to view patient records and sign orders digitally, releasing held claims for quicker reimbursement. The Physician’s Portal is appreciated by both physicians and staff because of its ease of use and efficiency, building better agency/physician relations. It will also reduce agency costs, billing turnaround time, and lost paperwork.

Employee Portal

This web based application allows employees access to view their schedules, enter their availability, request assignment to unassigned activities, and add detailed completion information to visits rendered, such as mileage and actual time in time out.

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