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Awesome Care Planning

5/10/2021 HealthWare Other 6503 Comments

HealthWare’s latest release has incredible new and improved care planning features and tools to help you get things done, faster and with less effort than ever before!

In addition to the always available fill in the blank “placeholder” in a care plan item you can now create options that the user can pick from a pre-defined list of options. You can also pre-enter recommended text that the user can edit as appropriate. So now any care plan item can have fill in the blank, predefined but editable text or pick from a list of choices. We have also improved the care plan template features with a new always required option as well as select/unselect all to make it quicker to add template items to a patients care plan. This gives you nearly unlimited capabilities to provide care plans that are fast and easy to customize for each patient while also adhering to your guidelines.

When working the care plan you can now require comments on items, set due next on items that are recurring and more.

Care Planning Improvements and Steps Recorder

3/22/2021 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

This update contains some awesome care planning improvements. Build and track care plans faster and more efficiently than ever before. We have added color coding to items, improved editing, a new view all when creating plans and tracking adds history filtering so clinicians can quick look up the history of any care plan item.

We have also added a new application, the HealthWare Steps Recorder. This new screen recorder and diagnostic reporting tool allows users to easily install the application and use it to video an individual application or the entire screen. The application will then package the video along with some other diagnostic information, encrypt it, authenticate the user using their Azure Active Directory / Office 365 login credentials and securely upload the encrypted package to HealthWare. The HealthWare Steps Recorder provides an invaluable tool for feature requests, problem reporting and other feedback. To install or use this application click on the camera icon in the HealthWare Dashboard or click Utilities, Get HW Recorder in InTouch.

Improved RAP Handling and PDF Improvements

2/1/2021 HealthWare Clinical 61 Comments

This update contains a variety of improvements including some new and improved pdf features. We added an alternate certification statement for the Plan of Treatment that you can control at the Patient/Program/Payer level. We also added new features to billing to streamline the handling of RAPS which gives you additional options for complying with the 5 day RAP rule.

Ready for 5 Day RAPs

11/16/2020 HealthWare Clinical 3 Comments

This release concentrates on features for helping you get the RAP out the door as quickly as possible so that you can comply with the 1/1/2021 mandate for the 5-day RAP with a minimum of effort. Note that only the back office update is required to comply with the mandate, but you will have the option of using the short form OASIS at the point of care as well. We have added a new PDGM 5 Day RAP Help topic to help you best use HealthWare to comply with the new mandate.

We have enhanced filling in BYOF pdf forms with even more data in the desktop, dashboard and at the point of care.

We added several new care planning features as well such as the ability to go directly to individual items during care plan setup or maintenance and to use search to quickly find the items you are looking for. You also now can copy a care plan over to a new admission which can help in some scenarios like payer changes where you must discharge and re-admit.