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Care Planning Improvements and Steps Recorder

3/22/2021 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

This update contains some awesome care planning improvements. Build and track care plans faster and more efficiently than ever before. We have added color coding to items, improved editing, a new view all when creating plans and tracking adds history filtering so clinicians can quick look up the history of any care plan item.

We have also added a new application, the HealthWare Steps Recorder. This new screen recorder and diagnostic reporting tool allows users to easily install the application and use it to video an individual application or the entire screen. The application will then package the video along with some other diagnostic information, encrypt it, authenticate the user using their Azure Active Directory / Office 365 login credentials and securely upload the encrypted package to HealthWare. The HealthWare Steps Recorder provides an invaluable tool for feature requests, problem reporting and other feedback. To install or use this application click on the camera icon in the HealthWare Dashboard or click Utilities, Get HW Recorder in InTouch.

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