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Not all POC systems are created equal

2/23/2018 HealthWare Clinical 1 Comments

Like comparing Apples and Oranges:

Apples and Oranges

What is most important and what are the limitations?

In our studies with different field Point Of Care systems (POC) , we see three different and distinct systems.

1st: One that is a paper form only. It may be on a tablet or computer, and it may be a “fillable” pdf, however, it is simply a tablet version of a paper form.

2nd: A patient chart that is an abbreviated patient chart. And when operating offline, only a partial view of the patient details are available. It does operate offline, by definition, however, it is limited by the amount of patient chart information that is available to the nurse.

Does this impact care that can be applied at the patient side?

3rd: A full patient chart at the tablet or laptop. The benefits of seeing the entire patient chart at the POC, provides for changing a schedule quickly, especially if a nurse gets sick or busy with a prior patient and a comprehensive view of the patient to make the best decisions at the time.

At HealthWare upon the initial patient synchronization, the nurse receives the entire patient chart. Should this be important to you?

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  • Bob Commented on 3/31/2018

    A full patient chart at the POC is exactly what agencies need.

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