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HealthWare in the App Stores

7/19/2018 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

We are so excited to update you on our continued progress. We are now distributing our apps through the store to a limited number of users prior to full release and so far, the response has been amazing. Applications can be installed quickly and easily by end users on any device they have and be kept up to date automatically. The app store is a significant step forward in our new application distribution model which lets the app store take care of all the details:

  • Doesn’t require IT intervention but can have IT control if desired. HealthWare News
  • Fast and efficient installs only download the necessary files.
  • Automated updates happen in the background with little or no user intervention.
  • Network resilient installs handle inconsistent network conditions.
  • Can be installed per user allowing multiple people to share a single device.
  • Completely uninstalls the app when uninstalled.
  • Integrates with Azure Active Directory for enhanced security.
  • Integrates with popular device management tools such as Intune.

This new store app is now one code base with InTouch, InTouch Lite and InTouch Mobile sharing nearly 100% of their code. This means that the applications are more consistent and similar with each other. In addition, as we move forward, many of the features we add to one application can be available to the other applications at the same time where appropriate.

HealthWare Office, also available from the Microsoft Store, brings HealthWare back office functionality to anyone’s device running Windows 10. Now clinicians that need access to features only available in the back office can use HealthWare Office to access these directly from their point of care devices. Longer term plans will bring much of the back-office functionality directly to InTouch as well so that clinicians can access anything and everything that they have been given access to right from their tablets through a single application. Of course, HealthWare Office is available to anyone so integrate it into your agencies operations where appropriate. For example, it is a great way to use HealthWare’s Document Management features and handle the importing of your documents from a local scanner or fax.

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