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HealthWare Physician Portal

9/21/2019 HealthWare Clinical 3 Comments

Document control has never been easier or faster than with HealthWare’s Physician’s Portal. With this web-based tool, physicians you work with can handle reviewing and signing documents digitally, and it’s available to them anywhere they have internet access. This can include interim orders, POCs, and face to face. The portal also tracks the physicians time spent reviewing each patient’s documents and chart and provides the physician a report at the end of each month that can be used for oversight billing. This is a great selling feature to convince your physicians to adopt electronic signing. 

Obviously with HIPAA, security is paramount, so HealthWare uses three-part authentication for the portal. To access the portal, all you do is send the physician your secure link and access code that is unique to your agency. The physician opens the link and logs into the portal where they will have access to documents needing their signatures as well as their patient’s charts.

  • The homecare organization maintains the physician’s username and can reset their password if needed.

  • Each physician is assigned a username and temporary password.

  • On first access to the portal, the physician will be asked to change their password to a new password only they will have access too.

  • In the event they lose their password, a new temporary password can be given by the agency to access their account.

Combined with HealthWare’s Digital Documents, your physicians and employees can all sign their documents digitally improving your efficiency and speeding up your workflow. Fully integrated into HealthWare’s point of care applications, nurses can review and sign their documents with just a few mouse clicks, even while offline. The status of all your documents can be monitored from the Document Tracking Dashboard so you stay informed about your outstanding documents at every stage. Another big benefit in HealthWare with all these capabilities, is that every document is simply a part of the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) and digital chart. Gone are the days of having to scan these documents into the EMR.

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