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Visit Recap and Create PDF

5/18/2020 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

We are super excited to announce the Visit Recap and Create Pdf features. Use these features when doing billing, QA, for audits, ADRs, medical records requests and many other scenarios. Pick one or more documents and combine them together to fulfill most any need. The lookup has been enhanced to allow you to include certain types of documents, include just documents associated with a visit, cover a date range and more. Auto select will automatically mark all documents in the results for inclusion into the pdf. You can also individually unselect and select documents in the search results. Save the resulting pdf to a file to provide it to someone, upload it to a payer portal, provide it to an auditor or any scenario where a pdf file can be used. Use our integrated faxing to send it directly to a payer, physician or anyone that needs to receive it in fax format. Of course, if you still need paper, that is an option too, just print it!

Combine the Visit Recap and Clinical Forms completed during the visit to create a Comprehensive Visit Summary that includes Patient Information, Vitals, Forms used, Communications, Medications and Care Plan Details. Using the Create Pdf feature you can view this online, save it to a pdf file, fax it or print it out.

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