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Improved Workflows, Automation and Communication

6/15/2020 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

We made several improvements to Workflows and Patient Tracking. A users personalized task filters are now persisted between application uses. User’s now can put tasks on hold along with a comment as to why it was put on hold.

Improved the TeamWork communication application by adding automatic refresh and reading a message can now automatically mark the message as read. You can flag a conversation for further action and set a due date and time.

We added additional automation features such as automatic entry of FIPs and county based on zip code along with more automated setup of Program and Payer information.

Network performance gains have been achieved by adding compression to many of the network and Internet based connections. Our tests show increases in performance as much as 40% in many scenarios. Not only does this make things faster but it also reduces the bandwidth requirements and data usage on mobile devices.

We improved initial user setup by integrating all the licensing, access, user options and more into a single location. This speeds up getting a new user into the system and ready to use HealthWare.

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