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Hospice Change Request CR8358 Questions and Answers

6/26/2014 HealthWare News 0 Comments

Thanks to the National Governement Services, an informational reference has been released for public review in regard to Medicare Hospice Change Request 8358 in a Questions and Answers format.

Most of these questions and answers provide simple yes and no type answers; others are more complex and highly conditional. The aim of this article is to briefly touch upon those issues provided by number, expound upon them where necessary and provide insight into the changes wherever appropriate. The author's own commentary is denoted with an asterisk. I have excluded some content denoted with "..." as it is present in the entire original article available online.

CR8358 General Questions

1. Will the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) extend an invitation to hospice providers to participate in testing the changes associated with 8358 prior to April 2014?

Answer: There will be a voluntary reporting period for hospice providers. Voluntary reporting will be implemented on claims with through dates on or after January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014.

2. How would a provider submit a claim where they have exceeded the 450 line cap?

Answer:The 450 line limitation is rarely exceeded in any Medicare benefit...

*Reporting visits correctly is vital! It is incorrect to record them based on the number of times someone enters the patients room. Also keep in mind that the visits that are part of room and board services in routine home care or continuous home care also do not count toward this total. Houskeeping tasks do not constitute a visit; palliation and management of terminal illness and related conditions most certainly do count.

CR8358 Visit Reporting Questions

3. Does the visit reporting discussed in CR8358 only apply to GIP sevices or does it also include RHC services?

Answer: The visit reporting rules for RHC, CHC and inpatient respite levels of care are outlined in CR6440. The visit reporting rules in CR8358 apply to the GIP level of care in a skilled nursing facility or hospital. Continue to follow CR5567 when providing GIP in an inpatient hospice unit.

Please download the PDF provided in the link for the full disclosure.

Download the PDF Here

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