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Educational Webinars

Debility Unspecified and Adult Failure to Thrive: Determining Appropriate Primary Diagnosis

Diane M. Datz, RN, MA
Diane Datz

Recent CMS clarifications about the use of Debility Unspecified and Adult Failure to Thrive have sent many hospices scrambling for appropriate primary diagnoses. This webinar will review current guidelines for debility unspecified and adult failure to thrive; documenting co-existing and additional diagnoses; determining principle diagnosis; and changing the clinical diagnosis.

An Industry Leading Perspective of Outcomes

Lynn Speckels, RN, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C
Lynn Speckels

"OUTCOMES" in the post-acute industry are not going away and most organizations are smartly trying to clarify what that "buzzword" really means and how it will impact their organization. It is now clear that current insurance reform is shifting the financial risk on to the provider while demanding value for every dollar spent on patient care. A home health agency is in a prime position to take advantage of this shift towards outcomes if its care can produce the necessary outcomes. In this presentation we will take a look at understanding OASIS Casper reports and what is necessary to produce the real outcomes that insurance reform will demand and our patients deserve. If you are interested in changing the outcomes produced by your agency, meeting the needs of your patients at the highest level possible and gaining a significant competitive advantage over your competition then join us for the presentation.

ICD-10 is Heading in Your Direction. Is Your Agency Prepared to Weather the Storm?

Jennifer Warfield, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C, Education Direction - PPS Plus Software
Jennifer Warfield

The 2013 Final Rule for Home Health states that health care will transition to the ICD-10 CM coding system on Oct. 1, 2014. Considering the efforts contributing to this project’s completion, the 2014 fall season is quickly approaching. Join Jennifer as she provides helpful tips in protecting your agency from the surge of ICD-10. Learn how to properly prepare your agency for a successful ICD-10 implementation and ultimately avoid hazardous coding conditions.

Using Data to Reduce Hospitalizations and Become an Attractive Partner to Hospitals

Barbara Rosenblum, Founder and CEO of Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP)
Barbara Rosenblum
Reducing hospitalizations and readmits has proven an elusive endeavor for home health agencies, yet the ability to do so has never been more important. Learn the hidden details behind the data and leave the session with a clear path to reducing hospitalization rates.

- Describe the key data a home health agency must collect to embark on a plan to reduce hospitalization rates.
- Describe the patient data most valuable to hospitals as they seek a home health agency partner.
- Describe a successful plan to decrease hospitalizations.