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ICD-10 Training Video

1/3/2014 HealthWare News 0 Comments
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a new recording of an ICD-10 training webinar conducted for the National Association of Community Health Centers.

Lessons from Early Medicaid Expansions Under Health Reform

12/30/2013 HealthWare News 0 Comments
Early Medicaid expansions under the ACA offer important lessons to federal and state policymakers as the 2014 expansions approach.

ICD-10: Less Than One Year Out

12/10/2013 HealthWare News 0 Comments
Less than one year to implement ICD-10... so let's talk. No matter where you are in your transition, we hope you will take time this month to take some action on ICD-10. For its part, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is working closely with medical and trade associations, listening to their challenges and working collaboratively with them on solutions.

Back to School: Identify How ICD-10 Will Affect Your Practice

11/7/2013 HealthWare News 0 Comments
In order to be fully prepared for the October 1, 2014, ICD-10 transition, you need to know exactly how ICD-10 will affect your practice. Although many people associate coding with submitting claims, in reality, ICD codes are used in a variety of processes within clinical practices, from registration and referrals to billing and payment. The following is a list of important questions to help you think through where you use ICD codes and how ICD-10 will affect your practice. By making a plan to address these areas now, you can make sure your practice is ready for the ICD-10 transition.