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Hospice Change Request CR8358 Questions and Answers

6/26/2014 HealthWare News 0 Comments
A look at some of the major questions regarding CR8358 and their answers.

Nosocomial Infection: A Refresher Crash Course

6/23/2014 HealthWare News 0 Comments
Nosocomial infections are those that are acquired within a hospital. There are mutliple modes of transimission and several diseases of extreme concern for the elderly, disabled and immunodeficient individuals.

OASIS-C1 Delayed, But Not For Long

5/25/2014 HealthWare News 0 Comments
The scheduled transition to ICD-10 is going to be delayed. A hybrid of medical coding is going to be initiated. Please read the following post for details and be sure to visit the CMS page for details not included in the blog.

Compassion Fatigue

5/18/2014 HealthWare News 0 Comments
Compassion fatigue is a psychological syndrome that is extremely common in the today’s health care workers.