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How Outsourcing your Homecare Billing Can Benefit Your Agency

10/31/2018 HealthWare Financial 1 Comments

Two of the most critical tasks for any homecare agency are claims submission and payment processing. Knowing you have a steady revenue stream alleviates a lot of stress, both at the agency level and for your staff. Less stress on your staff means less turnover which in turn eliminates the cost of replacing and training new employees. There are several reasons to consider using an external service for your billing needs. Below are just a few of the key benefits.  shutterstock_1125244271

Faster, Cleaner Claims Submission

Outsourcing your billing helps to eliminate many of the frustrations that come with claims processing. Expert billing services can assure an accurate claim is going out, significantly reducing billing and coding errors which results in reimbursement being held up, sometimes as much as two months.

Save Time, Reduce Overhead

The obvious time saver is the time spent on preparing the claims, but in addition to that is the time spent communicating with payers, resubmitting claims, and applying payments. At HealthWare our billing service includes processing electronic payment remittances, as well as paper checks, along with applying any necessary adjustments. Our billing experts will also follow-up on denied claims and handle correcting and resubmitting claims.

Patient Satisfaction

With less stress and less time spent on the entire revenue billing management cycle, your staff will be able to focus on patients and improve patient care and positively impact outcomes. You’ll also gain patient satisfaction with less claim hassles. Patients are dedicated to those agencies that take care of them and alleviate any billing concerns.

HealthWare’s billing services extend to any platform, whether your agency is using HealthWare or another software solution. To find out more about billing or other services HealthWare offers, contact us today.

About HealthWare

HealthWare Corporation has been providing information solutions since 1986, releasing our first Windows based product in 1992. What makes HealthWare unique is that we provide a single vendor solution to home care and hospice agencies that covers most aspects of operating an agency’s business, from financial to clinical to point of care. Because our system provides all the functionality of a Windows and web based environment, we have been able to concentrate on making a system that not only has all of these features but one that is also specifically designed to streamline your processes. For more information, please visit and request a demo.

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