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PEPID Drug Repository is now Integrated with HealthWare

5/24/2019 HealthWare Clinical 22 Comments

HealthWare is excited to announce our newest drug integration with PEPID, whose knowledgeable and expansive drug database is going to help our homecare agencies save loads of time! This integration is built right into HealthWare and is available in the back office as well as at the point of care. Gone are the days of nurses having to go outside of the software application to report on drug interactions, and no more double keying all the patient’s medications just to get these details. Entered once into HealthWare, a simple click of a button right on the medications form returns within seconds the report and details they need.

PartnershipNow many of you might be saying this isn’t anything new, which is correct. Most EHR solutions provide a drug interface. Even HealthWare has worked with other drug interfaces, but we’re excited about the partnership with PEPID because they have made their product available to our clients at a very reasonable price. Most drug databanks available for interfaces are very costly, and with homecare agencies facing PDGM, they need to be able to save wherever they can, time and money! Our client’s success is important to us, and it’s nice to partner with another company who wants to help us contribute to their success. HealthWare’s CEO Jim Voytek adds “This is one of the best partnerships we have had with any vendor. Their willingness to work with us on the interface and to provide our customers pricing that fits our model and the market was very refreshing. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with PEPID.”


For 25 years, PEPID has been a leading global developer of clinical and drug information resources and mobile applications for healthcare providers and institutions. Their trusted, validated content and intuitive workflow provide clinicians peer-reviewed support for diagnosis and treatment at the patient-point-of-care. It’s accessed individually or integrated into any healthcare system.

For more information about PEPID’s products and services, please visit and request a demo, or contact

About HealthWare

HealthWare Corporation has been providing information solutions since 1986, releasing our first Windows based product in 1992. What makes HealthWare unique is that we provide a single vendor solution to home care and hospice agencies that covers most aspects of operating an agency’s business, from financial to clinical to point of care. Because our system provides all the functionality of a Windows and web-based environment, we have been able to concentrate on making a system that not only has all these features but one that is also specifically designed to streamline your processes. For more information, please visit and or contact us today for a demo.

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