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Value-Based Purchasing Update

10/12/2018 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

HealthWare has long encouraged HHA’s to better position themselves in the Value-Based Purchasing Model (VBP) from CMS.  HealthWare is the only Home Health Software to offer our own Outcome Analysis that will allow HHA’s to actually take advantage of and succeed in the VBP Model through better management of Outcomes with a tool using Artificial Intelligence (AI).  On October 9, 2018 CMS issued a press release announcing a new Value-Based Bundled Payment Model.  “To accelerate the value-based transformation of America’s healthcare system, we must offer a range of new payment models so providers can choose the approach that works best for them,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma. “The Bundled Payments for Care Improvement – Advanced model was the Trump Administration’s first Advanced Alternative Payment Model, and today we are proud to announce robust participation.  We look forward to launching additional models that will provide an off-ramp to the inefficient fee-for-service system and improve quality and reduce costs for our beneficiaries.”

Medicare Open Enrollment Starts October 15, 2018

10/8/2018 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

Medicare Open Enrollment is an opportunity to review your coverages and make any necessary changes.  The Open Enrollment period runs from October 15 to December 7, 2018. 

As a Medicare participant you have several elections and Medicare provides you with some guidance to help you make the right choice for you.  Original Medicare does not cover 100% of your medical expenses and there are some coverage limitations but there are options available that do expand your coverage.  Follow this link to review and get help with your Medicare decisions.

Medicare provides additional information to help you elect which is the best plan or combination of plans for you.  Medicare Health Plans are generally provided by private companies who have contracts with Medicare to meet the requirements set by Medicare.  The number of options continues to grow, and costs vary based on a number of factors such as Medications, Extent of Coverage provided, Service Provider Network (HMO, PPO, etc.) and other factors.  Additional information from Medicare can be found here.

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10/8/2018 HealthWare Other 1 Comments

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Hospice Wage Index Annual Mandate FY2019 Goes into Effect Today

10/1/2018 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

As hospice agencies across the states should know already, today is the effective date for the CMS Hospice Wage Index annual mandate. If you are a current HealthWare customer, you should have received a message already from us that we updated your systems two weeks ago.


You can read the details from CMS here:

We here at HealthWare pride ourselves on never missing a CMS mandate in the over 32 years we’ve been in business! Interested in learning more about HealthWare products and services, contact us today.