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Check the Pulse of Your Agency in a Heartbeat With HealthWare Pulse

10/1/2018 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

Over the past 32 years, HealthWare has grown to be the “one stop shop” for everything a homecare agency could possibly need to grow their business.   As a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider, we have extended our services beyond the traditional and proven healthcare offerings. This partnership with Microsoft gives us the power to bundle and support our healthcare applications with Microsoft services. 

As we continue to consolidate our services around our online offerings, we continue to make life easier for all of our customers. We are excited to announce HealthWare Pulse, a combination of all our best product features and services, all online, enabling agencies to just “load and go.”  By utilizing the vast resources and capabilities of “cloud computing,” installing is faster than ever and can scale as your agency grows. Employees will have instant access right from their own device to services and data that they have been assigned rights to. 

Role Based Dashboards

Along with HealthWare Pulse comes customizable role based dashboarding. Now forms, reports, messages from team members, all details that are important to a specific group of employees will be right on their screen when they log in.


Office 365 and Other Services

HealthWare provides a number of products and services, including Office 365 and email accounts. With HealthWare Pulse, these services can be combined and maintained easily.  When a staff member leaves, you remove their account once and it removes it across anything they’ve had access to within your HealthWare eco-system.

Healthware Pulse is an affordable and powerful new option for agencies looking for a full service, online healthcare solution with low monthly rates, as low as $25 a user. For full details on everything that comes with HealthWare Pulse and all our products and services, contact us today!

Getting Your New Homecare Agency Up and Running Fast Introducing HealthWare PowerUp

9/12/2018 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

It’s no secret that starting a new business takes a lot of planning, no matter what industry you are targeting. Sometimes just the business plan itself can takes months to sort out. There are considerations for how to budget, staff and market your new business. For healthcare agencies there is the added burden of adhering to strict state and federal government guidelines. With so much already on “the plate”, some of the smaller business needs are an after-thought and come at a cost higher than expected. Well we here at HealthWare have come up with a solution to help new homecare agencies get up and running as quickly as possible, and at a very affordable rate.

Thumbs Up

HealthWare PowerUp is our solution to a rapid start-up. One thing every homecare agency needs is software in order to capture important data on their patients. Well we’ve been doing that part for over 30 years, but now that we are a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, we are able to add some very valuable services. With HealthWare PowerUp we have bundled our top homecare applications for capturing patient accounting and clinical information with these additional business needs:

· A website domain

· Emailing capabilities

· Phone lines

· Billing services

That’s right, we can provide your office with all of the basic needs to open the doors to your business. We can also augment your staff to help you with getting your claims and payments processed. This bundle includes HealthWare InTouch, our clinical point of care system– the absolute fastest way to get your claims submitted for processing and funds rolling back into the bank.

Another big benefit is that our applications can be downloaded from the Microsoft and Google stores, enabling quick, easy installs directly by end users and be kept up to date automatically. All of this for a very low monthly fee; with the assurance of knowing your data will be secure and HIPAA compliant.

If you are a new or small agency, let us help alleviate some of that starting out pains for you. For full details on everything that comes with HealthWare PowerUp and pricing details, contact us today!

HealthWare in the App Stores

7/19/2018 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

We are so excited to update you on our continued progress. We are now distributing our apps through the store to a limited number of users prior to full release and so far, the response has been amazing. Applications can be installed quickly and easily by end users on any device they have and be kept up to date automatically. The app store is a significant step forward in our new application distribution model which lets the app store take care of all the details:

  • Doesn’t require IT intervention but can have IT control if desired. HealthWare News
  • Fast and efficient installs only download the necessary files.
  • Automated updates happen in the background with little or no user intervention.
  • Network resilient installs handle inconsistent network conditions.
  • Can be installed per user allowing multiple people to share a single device.
  • Completely uninstalls the app when uninstalled.
  • Integrates with Azure Active Directory for enhanced security.
  • Integrates with popular device management tools such as Intune.


3/15/2018 HealthWare Other 2 Comments

documents[ image

Let’s start in the back office where you undoubtedly keep a lot of documentation for your employees, well now you can keep that all digitally, in HealthWare. Like the Patient EMR/Document Management you can import images, files, just about anything in digital format, date it, categorize it and store it in HealthWare.