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Improved Workflows, Automation and Communication

6/15/2020 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

We made several improvements to Workflows and Patient Tracking. A users personalized task filters are now persisted between application uses. User’s now can put tasks on hold along with a comment as to why it was put on hold.

Improved the TeamWork communication application by adding automatic refresh and reading a message can now automatically mark the message as read. You can flag a conversation for further action and set a due date and time.

We added additional automation features such as automatic entry of FIPs and county based on zip code along with more automated setup of Program and Payer information.

Visit Recap and Create PDF

5/18/2020 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

We are super excited to announce the Visit Recap and Create Pdf features. Use these features when doing billing, QA, for audits, ADRs, medical records requests and many other scenarios. Pick one or more documents and combine them together to fulfill most any need. The lookup has been enhanced to allow you to include certain types of documents, include just documents associated with a visit, cover a date range and more. Auto select will automatically mark all documents in the results for inclusion into the pdf. You can also individually unselect and select documents in the search results. Save the resulting pdf to a file to provide it to someone, upload it to a payer portal, provide it to an auditor or any scenario where a pdf file can be used. Use our integrated faxing to send it directly to a payer, physician or anyone that needs to receive it in fax format. Of course, if you still need paper, that is an option too, just print it!

Combine the Visit Recap and Clinical Forms completed during the visit to create a Comprehensive Visit Summary that includes Patient Information, Vitals, Forms used, Communications, Medications and Care Plan Details. Using the Create Pdf feature you can view this online, save it to a pdf file, fax it or print it out.

Care Plans, FHIR and Quick Referrals on the Web

4/13/2020 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

Care plan creation and modification are now available in the HealthWare Dashboard. If you are not yet using the HealthWare Dashboard you should be.

We have added a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR, usually pronounced “fire”) interface to HealthWare that allows for a standardized way to exchange information between systems and providers in the healthcare field. We recently expanded the abilities of this interface when used with Admission, Discharge and Transfer so if you have any referral sources you want to interface with we have you covered.

We have a great new application available that should help you with referral and intake. The new HealthWare Quick Referral website. This website allows referral sources to provide you with patient information, discharge planner contact information, notes and even upload a document directly into the patients record. Use this in conjunction with the HealthWare Patient Tracking workflows to provide automated notifications that you have a new referral.

Patient Tracking Workflows

3/4/2020 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

We have integrated the Patient Tracking Workflows into the HealthWare Dashboard. Using the unique and powerful user interface of the dashboard we bring the workflow tasks front and center. See tasks that need to be completed, filter by your role, take ownership of tasks, start and complete tasks and more. We also added filtering by Program and Branch to HealthWare Desktop and HealthWare Dashboard applications. Now the same Program and Branch settings that are used to filter Point of Care data can also be used to filter options for users in the office. For agencies with multiple lines of service and/or branches this is a great way to limit what your users see and have access to. This is also great when combined with Alerts and Workflows so that users only see and deal with the items that apply to them where appropriate.