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Infrastructure and Technology Updates

10/12/2020 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

This update was largely focused on updates to prepare us for 2021 and the future. Technology has changed a lot in the last few years, and we spent some time modernizing the technology and infrastructure that HealthWare uses. We migrated from .NET Framework to .NET Core and .NET 5 which are the future development technologies being used by Microsoft. A big part of this was our continued work to integrate Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Office 365 (O365) into HealthWare. With this release we have moved our APIs to support AAD and integrate with Office 365 at the same time. In this release, logging into all applications using your AAD/O365 account credentials is now possible. By using AAD users no longer need to remember additional logins and passwords. Not only does these mean users have fewer logins to remember, but it also means that you control access to HealthWare via their AAD account.

We continued our work to streamline and automate the admission process to help prepare for 2021 by making it faster and easier to get your referrals into HealthWare and get that first visit scheduled. By combing Quick Referral/Intake with Patient Tracking and our Eligibility and Authorization automation you can rapidly get new patients into HealthWare, establish their chart, and get the first visit on the schedule. With additional modifications coming in the next update, you can be ready to send a RAP faster than ever helping you meet the upcoming 2021 RAP 5-day deadline. Of course, since the last update we also released a variety of annual updates for diagnosis codes, PDGM grouper, etc.

Improved Integration with Windows 10 and Office 365

9/21/2020 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

We have added tighter Windows 10 integration with native Windows 10 Toasts and Notifications to help keep you informed of important events and have added the ability to integrate Microsoft Teams into your workflows.
We did not stop there however, now you can import a folders worth of pdfs in a single import during a quick referral, assign a type to each document as you import or pick one type for the entire batch (great for Referral/Intake documents). The file name becomes the Comment/Description in the Patient Documents and let us not forget the ability for your marketers to use the referral portal where they can also import referral documents.

Increased Intake Automation and Internet Faxing

8/10/2020 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

This update is one of the most exciting and feature packed updates we have had this year. Amazing new features for workflow and automation of referral, intake, eligibility, and authorizations. Add to that new Internet based faxing capabilities for both outbound and inbound faxes fully integrated with the HealthWare Dashboard and Patient Documents.

The outbound faxing feature allows you to directly fax from HealthWare and makes use of our Patient Documents to pdf features so you can build a collection of documents into a pdf and then quickly and easily send that pdf via fax with a fillable coversheet. Importing faxed documents directly into HealthWare is easier than ever before with the ability to directly monitor the inbound fax queue and view and import the documents directly from the queue.

Added several authorization and eligibility automation features making it faster and easier than ever to check eligibility and obtain authorizations. The new features combined with our Workflows and Patient Tracking can have a significant impact on your referral and intake workflows, requests for information, surveys, audits and more.

Auto Fill and CarePort

7/20/2020 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

We have added additional data to the Auto Fill feature so that even more data can be filled in by HealthWare automatically on our built-in documents as well as the bring your own form (BYOF) documents.

We added CarePort integration with HealthWare’s FHIR Admission Discharge and Transfer (ADT) interface.